Monday, April 12, 2010


Today I've been watching birds. I watched them this morning as Nora roamed the front yard. I watched them this afternoon as I ate lunch. I watched them this evening.

I was moved by their gracefulness. They seem to travel in pairs. Swallows, finch, crows, mockingbirds, they're all so lovely. The sun gleams across their feathered backs, revealing a myriad of colors. They call and sing to each other, and I wonder what they're communicating. To me, their lives seem so simple. I doubt that is true. All forms of life are complicated. I wonder what those birds are trying to communicate to me.

This afternoon a crow flew back and forth from the wires in front of my porch to my roof. I would see it's shadow on the walk as it perched above me. I could feel his presence. What can I learn from these seemingly elusive creatures?