Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I thought of writing a blog about my life. I thought about whining. Why do that? I'd rather complain about other things.

One of my complaints is how blogs, texts, and emails are killing the English language, the written language at least. I've spoken with high school teachers who have told me that their students will turn in papers using text message short hand. They say that it is easy to break this habit right now, but what about the elementary students? Many children use cell phones now (I don't know why!). It won't be as easy to break a habit that started in the third grade. How many papers will be written using letters instead of words? Things like "RU ther?" Instead of "Are you there?"

I don't think that everyone realizes the impact that technology can have on young people. We like to talk about about violent video games and rock music, but what about our children's reading levels? Will novels be printed in text message language? Will big words never be used again? Will everything become more and more simplified because of our increasing laziness?

Maybe the recession will solve these problems. Maybe parents won't be able to be frivolous, buying cell phones for eight years old. Maybe the TV and the internet will have to be turned off because it isn't a necessity. Maybe children will pick up books once more, because going to the library is free. This recession may help everyone to realize the difference between a luxury and a necessity. Hopefully, a few people will pick up Walden, and hopefully those people will take his message to heart.

I should probably read this post a few times myself.